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If you enjoyed the photos in the "Viet Nam - A Personal Journey" series, you can send them as a free e-card to someone. Below you'll find photos from each of the scenes from the North and the South.

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Street Life in Saigon
Picture 1
One View of Downtown Saigon
Picture 2
City Traffic
Picture 3
Shops & Businesses
Picture 4
Rowing Down the Mekong River
Picture 5
Living on the Mekong
Picture 6
Street Life in Hanoi
Picture 7
World-Famous Halong Bay
Picture 8
Viet Nam's 'Blue Lagoon'
Picture 9
Mountains in the Mist
Picture 10
Southeast Asia Paradise
Picture 11
The Tom Coc River
Picture 12
One of the Country's Strengths
Picture 13
Row, Row, Row the Boat
Picture 14
Ducks Enjoy the River Too
Picture 15
River Farming
Picture 16
Inside a Tom Coc Cave
Picture 17
Hmong Woman in Sa Pa
Picture 18
River Farming
Picture 19
Inside a Tom Coc Cave
Picture 20
Hmong Woman in Sa Pa
Picture 21

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