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February 9, 2009

Written by C.N.

Miscellaneous Links #7

Here are some more links out that have come my way relating to Asians or Asian Americans. As always, links to other sites are provided for informational purposes and do not necessarily imply an endorsement of their contents:

  • “Yellow Lens”: an Asian American dramatic play:

    Yellow Lens”
    The WOW Cafe
    59 East 4th Street, between 2nd and Bowery

    February 13th and 14th
    Curtain 7pm / Ticket $14 (Doors open 6:30pm)
    Purchase tickets @

    Seven stories breathe life into a new and powerful Asian American play about individuals making pivotal decisions that severely impact or have impacted themselves and their relationships. A son becomes devastated when his mother no longer believes in him. A new grandmother must choose between her family and her employer. A teenager asks her grandmother for her hard earned cash, so she can go to a concert. And there are more very hard decisions to deal make. With an intentionally diverse cast of characters, Stevens allows all audience members, of all races, classes, and backgrounds, to witness the raw human mechanics of the decision making process.

    Written by K.S. Stevens
    Directed by S.H. Varino & K.S. Stevens Performed by Otoja Abit, Janice Amano, Nanci L. Cone, Elise Cantu, Amy Chang, Vallen Dior Pilgrim, Kathleen Locklar, Douglas Rossi, Sean G. Tarjyoto, Jennifer Takaki, Lemon Timmons, John Wu, Caterina Xiroyanni

  • The Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival Now Accepting Submission: The largest west coast Loving Day celebration kicks off the 2nd Annual Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival on June 12, 2009. The Festival celebrates storytelling of the Mixed racial and cultural experience and brings together innovative artists, film and book lovers, and families for two days of writing and film workshops, readings, film screenings, a special family event and live performance by talented comedians, musicians and actors. All events are free and open to the public.

    We are currently accepting film, literary, workshop, vendor table, an even submissions. For submission requirements and more information, visit:

    Thank you,
    Fanshen Cox & Heidi Durrow
    Founders, Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival

  • ‘Democracy & Diversity’ Student Art Competition: Chinese American Citizens Alliance’s National Art Competition is in partnership with the Chinese American Museum are pleased to announce a juried nationwide Art Competition for students during the 2008-2009 school year. The purpose of this Art Competition is to educate students on diverse meanings and visions of democracy as expressed through different artistic media.

    For over 100 years, the Chinese American Citizens Alliance sought to better the welfare of community, to achieve equality and justice for Chinese Americans and to encourage American patriotism. The Chinese American Museum, located in Los Angeles, seeks to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of America’s diverse heritage by researching, preserving, and sharing the history, rich cultural legacy, and continuing contributions of Chinese Americans.

    The theme of the Art Competition is: “Democracy and Diversity.” Students of all backgrounds are encouraged to enter. Acceptable artwork could depict, but is not limited to any of the following:

    • What democracy and diversity mean to you
    • Family stories about democracy and diversity
    • Stories in your community (e.g. protest, freedom of expression, etc.)
    • Images in the media (television, newspaper, internet, magazines, etc.)
    • Pictorial interpretation of a famous quotes and speeches (leaders and authors that relates to democracy)
    • Historical figures, events, and monuments, which relate to the theme


    The Art Competition is open to students from kindergarten to twelve grade. Entries will be placed and judged in four divisions. A written description of the artwork is required and must be accompanied with the entry form (as attached) upon submission. The description can be typed on a separate sheet of paper and stapled to the entry form.

    Division 1: Grade K to Grade 3 (title only, description is optional)
    Division 2: Grade 4 to Grade 6 (description should be 50 words or less)
    Division 3: Grade 7 to Grade 9 (description should be 100 words or less)
    Division 4: Grade 10 to Grade 12 (description should be 150 words or less)

    All entries must be original freehand drawings by the student only. The size of the artwork must be 18”H x 24”W and be two dimensional. Acceptable medium include oil, watercolors,
    acrylic, crayon, pencil, etc. The artwork may not contain copyrighted characters such as Winnie the Pooh, Pokemon, etc., or the right of any third party and may not violate any US or international copyright laws.

    The official entry form (original or copied) along with a description of the artwork must accompany each entry. The entries must also have the name and address of the student written on the back of the artwork. Only one entry per student is allowed. Upon receipt of entry, the Alliance owns the entries and has the rights to the use of the entries. Entries will not be returned.

    Awards and Recognition

    The winning entries will be announced in May 2009 and an awards ceremony will take place in the Greater Los Angeles area in June 2009, location to be announced. Selection of winners will be conducted by a panel of independent judges. Winners will also receive a Certificate of Recognition. Winning entries and some finalists will be exhibited in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other regional locations where C.A.C.A. lodges are located.

    First, second, and third place winners will be selected from each division. In addition, two Grand Prize Awards will be chosen from all entries. The Scholarship Awards are:
    Two (2) Grand Awards – $500 each
    Four (4) First Place – $300 each
    Four (4) Second Place – $200 each
    Four (4) Third Place – $100 each

    Please send entries to:
    Chinese American Museum
    ATTN: Michael Truong
    125 Paseo de la Plaza, Suite 300
    Los Angeles, CA 90012

    Entry Deadline: Friday, March 6, 2009 at 4:30 pm Pacific Standard Time.

    If you have any questions regarding the competition, please feel free to contact Michael Truong, Special Projects Coordinator, via e-mail at

  • “Bringing Home the White Girl”: Dat Phan, winner of “Last Comic Standing” several seasons ago, stars in a comedy sketch that parodies Vietnamese (and Asian) parents.