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November 10, 2011

Written by C.N.

Top 10 Herman Cain Pick-Up Lines

As I’m sure you’ve heard, Republican presidential nominee candidate Herman Cain is dealing with a bit of a scandal at the moment, as he tries to deal with allegations that he sexually harassed multiple women in his past. In true comedic style that had me LMAO, David Letterman commemorates Cain’s situation with his “Top Ten Herman Cain Pick-Up Lines“:

  1. You’re like a Godfather’s pizza: a little doughy, but still hot
  2. May I stuff your crust?
  3. You put the ‘ass’ in National Restaurant Association
  4. Can I buy you a glass of whatever Rick Perry is drinking?
  5. Would you describe yourself as the litigious type?
  6. (Video: Newt Gingrich having sex with a vending machine)
  7. Baby, you’re worth the forty grand in hush money
  8. You don’t know Gloria Allred, do you?
  9. My tax plan is 9-9-9, but you’re a 10-10-10