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June 10, 2009

Written by C.N.

Miscellaneous Links #11

Here are some more links out that have come my way relating to Asians or Asian Americans. As always, links to other sites are provided for informational purposes and do not necessarily imply an endorsement of their contents:

  • Photographic Exhibition: commUNITY

    In celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, photographer William L. Snyder and the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette are collaborating to present “commUNITY”, a provocative photographic exhibition that documents the realities and experiences of Asian Americans who live, work, and go to school in Greater Lafayette.

    Through black and white portraits accompanied by brief personal narratives, “commUNITY” investigates the notion of cultural and geographic communities and explores individual identity by deconstructing social, racial, and cultural constructs. What began as a conversation between Snyder and his producer Kate Van Oosten, became an artistic odyssey that materialized into an exhibition celebrating two subjects that the two are extremely passionate about: photography and Asian American identity.

    Serving as an artistic platform to dispel disempowering stereotypes and expose the reality of the Asian American population who live in the community, the exhibition features the photographs and statements of 30 anonymous volunteers whose age ranges from 18 years old to 61 years old. They were also asked to respond to four questions addressing issues relevant to Asian American identity.

    Curated by Snyder and Van Oosten, “commUNITY” aims to educate the public by exposing the fluidity of social identity and promoting awareness and recognition of the Asian American population in the community. The exhibit is supported in part by the Asian American Network of Indiana, the Council on Asian American Studies, and Color Tech.

    Coinciding with the opening of the “The Artists of Ivy Tech: New Vistas” exhibition, the opening reception will take place May 22 from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Shook Gallery at the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette. The exhibit is on display from May 22 through June 20 at the Art Museum located at 102 South Tenth Street. A virtual exhibition of “commUNITY” will go live on Snyder’s web site that will coincide with the museum opening. The online exhibition will feature additional volunteers whose profiles are not displayed in the museum exhibition.

  • Call for Submissions: APAture Festival

    Kearny Street Workshop, the oldest Asian Pacific American multidisciplinary organization in the United States, is now accepting submissions for the 11th annual APAture festival of emerging Asian American artists. Each September, APAture showcases about 100 artists at venues throughout San Francisco, making it the Bay Area’s biggest platform for Asian American art.

    We are accepting submissions in five disciplines: visual arts, film & video, music, literary arts and performing arts. The deadline to submit is July 11, 2009.
    Go to for more info and to apply online! Questions? Contact