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September 14, 2012

Written by C.N.

Introducing Calvin Ho, New Contributing Author at Asian-Nation

As regular readers to this site and blog may know already, Asian-Nation has been online for over 11 years now. I have been very proud of the work that I have done on this site and still feel very strongly in using it to bring sociological and academic theories, concepts, historical examples, and data to give as wide of an audience as possible a more comprehensive understanding and appreciation of Asian Americans. I am also very gratified when visitors to Asian-Nation — Asian American and otherwise, students and general readers — tell me how informative, useful, and even enlightening my articles and posts are to them personally.

I only wish I could post more often than I currently do. Alas, with my normal day-to-day schedule, I have only had time to post once or twice a week lately. With that in mind, I have begun inviting some of my colleagues and former students to become contributing authors on this blog. They all come from different backgrounds, but all of them share my passion for applying academic knowledge to better interpret and make sense of issues, news, and current events that relate to Asian Americans and to contribute to the public sociology movement.

I will be introducing them to you in the coming weeks and the first new contributing author to Asian-Nation is Calvin N. Ho.

Calvin N. Ho is a Ph.D. student in sociology at the University of California, Los Angeles. His academic work uses ethnography to explore questions of immigrant transnationalism and diasporic engagement, particularly among overseas Chinese. In addition to Asian-Nation, Calvin also blogs at The Plaid Bag Connection, which aims to bridge the gap between the Asian American blogosphere and Asian bloggers elsewhere in the West. He hopes to bring a transnational comparative dimension to all of these projects.

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Copyright © 2001- by C.N. Le. Some rights reserved. Creative Commons License

Suggested reference: Le, C.N. . "Introducing Calvin Ho, New Contributing Author at Asian-Nation" Asian-Nation: The Landscape of Asian America. <> ().

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