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July 29, 2010

Written by C.N.

Recent Dissertations on Asian Americans #1

To highlight the continuing growth and vitality of Asian American Studies, the following is a list of recent doctoral dissertation from scholars in the social sciences and humanities that focus on Asian Americans. As you can see, the diversity of research topics is a direct reflection of the dynamic and multidimensional nature of the Asian American population. Last but not least, congratulations to my new academic colleagues on being “Ph.inally”

The records are compiled by Dissertation Abstracts International. Copies of the dissertations can be obtained through your college’s library or by addressing your request to ProQuest, 789 E. Eisenhower Parkway, P.O. Box 1346, Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1346. Telephone 800-521-3042, email: As always, works included in this list are for informational purposes only and do not imply an endorsement of their contents.

  • U.S. Korean Youth’s Ideas and Experience of U.S. Education, U.S. Society, and U.S. History
    An, Sohyun (University of Wisconsin – Madison)
  • Sharuk and Shylock: The Creation of a South Asian American Aesthetic
    Bose, Neilesh (University of North Texas)
  • East Asian American Educational Pursuits: Examining Effects of Racial Barriers and Cultural Factors for College Students
    Chen, Yung-Lung (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee)
  • Episodes in the Life of a Place: Regional Racial Formation in Los Angeles’s San Gabriel Valley
    Cheng, Wendy Hsin (University of Southern California)
  • The Experiences of Marriage and Family Therapists of Asian Descent and Their Perception of the Practice and Profession
    Chou, Liang-Ying (Syracuse University)
  • A Study of Success Characteristics of East Asian American Executives in Corporate America
    Coleman, BaoKim N. (Pepperdine University)
  • ‘Funny Asians’: Comedy and Humor in Asian American Literature, Film, and Popular Culture
    Hong, Caroline Kyung (University of California, Santa Barbara)
  • Identity Integration and Intergroup Bias in the Communication Behavior of Asian Americans
    Hsu, Ling-Hui (University of Texas at Austin)
  • South Asian American Youth Negotiate Ethnic Identities, Discrimination, and Social Class
    John, Jaicy M. (City University of New York)
  • Contextual Factors and Interest-Occupation Congruence in South Asian Americans’ Vocational Development
    Kantamneni, Neeta (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee)
  • Cultural Influences on South Asian American Relationships
    Kapadia, Malika (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
  • Socialization and Agency of Asian American Doctoral Students in Education: A Grounded Theory Study
    Kim, Jessica K. (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Understanding How Identity Supportive Games Can Impact Ethnic Minority Possible Selves and Learning: A Design-Based Research Study
    Lee, Joey J. (Pennsylvania State University)
  • The Career Adjustment of Asian American Males: Perceptions and Reflections of a Glass Ceiling in Corporate Finance
    Li-Liang, Robin (Fordham University)
  • Gender, Heterosexuality, Sexual Violence and Identity Among Heavy-Drinking White and Asian American College Students
    Luke, Katherine Pavelka (University of Michigan)
  • Development of the Preliminary East Asian Relationship Norm Scale: Factor Analysis, Reliability, and Validity
    Park, Yong Sue (University of California, Santa Barbara)
  • Parental Influences on Friendships of Low-Income Ethnically Diverse Adolescents: A Longitudinal Analysis of Adolescent Perspectives
    Mukherjee, Preetika (New York University)
  • Opinion Leadership for Ethnic Products Among Asians, Hispanics, and African Americans
    Richard, Levi (Alliant International University, San Diego)
  • The Immigration Generation: Nativity and the Political Socialization of Filipino and Vietnamese Americans
    Segui, Alan Serrano (University of California, Santa Barbara)
  • Help-Seeking Values and Attitudes of Indian-Born and American-Born Asian Indians in the United States
    Shah, Sejal M. (California Institute of Integral Studies)
  • Cultural Influences on Relationships and Well-Being: An Exploratory Study with South Asian American Adults
    Sobhan, Sabera (University of Houston)
  • Challenges and Privileges, Entanglement and Appropriation: Rhetorical Practices of Asian Americans from Hawai’i
    Tasaka, Robyn (Michigan State University)
  • Beyond the Railroad People: Race and the Color of History in Chinese America
    Thompson, Wendy Marie (University of Maryland, College Park)
  • Like White on Rice: Asianness, Whiteness, and Identity
    Wong Lowe, Anna (University of Oklahoma)
  • Grandparent Perspectives on Raising Their Grandchildren: Protection, Obligation, and Sense of Loss
    Wooten Thomas, Clara (La Sierra University)
  • An Exploration of Multidimensional Perfectionism, Academic Self-Efficacy, Procrastination Frequency, and Asian American Cultural Values in Asian American University Students
    Yao, Melissa P. (Ohio State University)
  • East Asian-American College Students’ Attitudes about and Interactions with African Americans
    Yee, Nicole S. (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)

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Copyright © 2001- by C.N. Le. Some rights reserved. Creative Commons License

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