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December 18, 2008

Written by C.N.

Miscellaneous Links #5

Here are some more links out that have come my way relating to Asians or Asian Americans. As always, links to other sites are provided for informational purposes and do not necessarily imply an endorsement of their contents:

  • That Minority Thing: Group blog about racial/ethnic minority issues and news.
  • Asian Health Care Leadership Association Annual Meeting: AHCLA Annual Conference to be held April 23-24, 2009 at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago, IL. As the inaugural annual conference, AHCLA will (1) organize a national conference for Asians in health administration and health policy to network with each other and to increase the number of Asians serving in leadership roles within health care; (2) introduce Asian health care executives to a larger audience among the general public and policymakers; and (3) encourage organizations and individuals to support a systematic process for increasing the number of Asians working as leaders in health administration and health policy. For more information, visit
  • Secrets of the Kung Fu Temple: From the National Geographic Channel: Thursday, December 18 at 10pm ET/PT. The Shaolin Temple in rural China gave birth to one of the greatest martial art forms: kung fu. For over a thousand years, the warriors of Shaolin have defended the temple with carefully crafted skills of self-defense. But now, Shaolin may be experiencing one of its hardest battles: maintaining a traditional temple while grappling with the 21stcentury. Watch as young kung fu students balance their piercing physical regimen with the shrewd rules of the business world. As the ancient temple transforms itself into one of China’s hot tourist destinations, what will happen to the cherished tradition?

    You can also view a preview video Kung Fu Dream from Secrets of the Kung Fu Temple, in which we see a glimpse into the world of kung fu novices at the Shaolin Temple, whose dream of worldwide acclaim drives them to dedicate their lives to the art.

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Copyright © 2001- by C.N. Le. Some rights reserved. Creative Commons License

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