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April 14, 2008

Written by C.N.

Miscellaneous Links #2

Here are a few more miscellaneous links that have come my way recently. As always, I forward them on for information only, and not necessarily implying my consent of their entire contents:

Snap Judgments
For the website: “Has there ever been a time when someone has taken a characteristic unique to you and instantly applied it to your entire race or ethnic group? Or a time when someone insists that since other people of your race or ethnic group like or dislike something then you do too? I’m collecting stories that may be included in a book I’m writing & I’d love to hear from you.”

Under the American Sun: Camp Roxas, Guam
“Under the American Sun” (Camp Roxas, Agat, Guam) film project will recount a little-known chapter of American history – the story of skilled and unskilled laborers and professionals recruited from the Philippines’ Iloilo Province by the United States military to rebuild Guam, devastated by years of Japanese occupation and war.”

Thunder From the East
Voman’s very interesting blog about Asian Americans and cruiser motorcycles — not a very common combination, as he describes about his travels.

Asian Texans: Our Histories and Our Lives
Edited by Irwin Tang, the book “chronicles the long and fascinating history of Asian Americans in Texas. Drawing from interviews, archives, articles, and rare photographs, the top experts of Asian Texan history tell the stories of Asian Texan individuals and communities. Every Asian ethnic group, every region of Texas, and every decade of Texas’s exciting history is featured in this volume.”

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Copyright © 2001- by C.N. Le. Some rights reserved. Creative Commons License

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