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April 8, 2005

Written by C.N.

Festishizing Asian Women with Urine & Semen

As one of the regular posters on the Discussion Forum initially pointed out, and as described in this article in the Baton Rouge Advocate, Michael Lohman, a 28 year old White male doctoral student in mathematics at Princeton University, was arrested after an investigation found that he had surreptitiously cut the hair of Asian women on the Princeton campus and slipped his own urine and semen into their drinks. As the article notes,

Lohman is accused of squirting his semen or urine into about 50 drinks, squirting those same liquids onto women about 20 times and cutting women’s hair in public at least eight times. “And those are probably conservative numbers,” [Princeton Police spokesman Lt. Dennis] McManimon said.

Lohman is also accused of stealing women’s mittens, stuffing them with the stolen hair, then using the mittens to masturbate. . . Lohman was cooperative under interrogation, McManimon said, and provided information that “made this thing take off.” While declining to offer specifics of Lohman’s confession, he said, “Emotionally I think he’s probably pretty upset and has some issues that will be addressed.”

He has some issues that need to be addressed? No, you think?!? If this guy isn’t the poster child for fetishizing Asian women, I don’t know who would be. Obviously, his case is extreme, but as many Asian men and women can probably testify to, this kind of obsessive and fetishizing behavior is probably more common than most people (particular White men) would think.

Yes, he is a sick, perverted psycho. But I would probably point out that similar to other men who fetishize Asian women, he probably had some strong cultural and media influences that reinforce and perpetuate the stereotype of Asian women as exotic sexual objects, eager to submit to the whims and desires of White men. The truth is, there are probably many more like him all around the country doing similar things. Pretty disturbing.

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Copyright © 2001- by C.N. Le. Some rights reserved. Creative Commons License

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